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Stump Removal

When a tree has been felled we can remove the stump completely or simply treat it to prevent regrowth.  Small tree stumps can be removed easily by hand tools is a process referred to as ‘grubbing out’.  Larger tree stumps and their roots can be more tricky and we will occasionally get a mechanical digger in to grub out roots and regrade areas as necessary.

Stump Grinding

Stumps of any size and in any location can be removed. We are expertly equipped with a range of stump grinders varying from large machines that can quickly grind even the largest stump, to compact models suitable for access through a house or narrow gate. The stump grinder carves the stump up into woodchips which are used to backfill the resulting hole, and left to rot down.

Master Trees Cardiff

Stump Grinding

Master Trees Cardiff provide highly skilled qualified tree surgeons throughout Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly and the Vale for all aspects of stump removal.

we understand that tree stumps can be and eyesore and also a danger to health and safety, so we endeavor to remove the stump quickly and efficiently with the least possible disruption to your business or lifestyle.

Using the very latest in Tree Stump grinding equipment & our fully qualified tree surgeons can remove any exposed stump.

Contact us, for a free estimate. The team are fully trained and insured skilled arborists, in addition to our stump grinding and removal services we also specialise in all aspects of tree surgery, hedge care and chipper hire.


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We aim to make the whole process of tree surgery in Cardiff as transparent, professional and as easy as possible whilst achieving results that are desirable to our clients and beneficial to their trees. Why not contact us for friendly honest advice and a free no obligation quotation for your tree services.

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